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Oblivion, Band of Bugs and Lumines DLC deets

Dustin Burg

There's a couple of games getting new content today, so rather than spread the details across numerous posts (that'll only leave some dazed and confused) we've bundled all the new downloadable content news right here.

Today, Oblivion fans can get access to their own castle with the free The Fighter's Stronghold expansion download. Just be sure to keep your newly accessible living quarters clean and fresh. XBLA game Band of Bugs is also feeling the DLC love today with a the new 250 Microsoft point Ninja Sticks of Fury expansion that adds new achievements, a new shadowy character and more challenges to the Band of Bugs universe. Finally, Lumines Live! owners will be getting a new 400 Microsoft point Rockin' Holiday Pack expansion and two free skins ("Heavenly Star" and "Breeze") this Wednesday. Don't own Lumines Live! you say, well good news for you, because it was also announced that starting this Wednesday Lumines Live! will be permanently discounted to 800 Microsoft points. Smile.

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