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PSN License Agreement updated - paving the way for things to come

Jem Alexander

Sony has recently been sending out emails requesting that PSN members check out the new End User License Agreement. The new, updated, agreement includes a load of new content. Specifically, this new new agreement includes rules and regulations for upcoming PSN features; restrictions on uploading vulgar or offensive content, spreading viruses or posting spam to other users. Obviously, this is most relevent for Home, but can also be linked to other games and services.

The updated EULA goes into effect on October the 30th. There has been some confusion with the version number of the EULA, which has been upgraded to 2.0. This has nothing to do with firmware version 2.0 and anyone expecting the mythical firmware update to come at the end of the month is setting themselves up for disappointment. What the new EULA does mean is that more exciting functionality for the PSN is on its way and that Sony are building their legal barriers just in case someone decides to get a bit saucy whilst playing Singstar in front of the PlayStation Eye.

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