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Rumor: 360's next big thing is Perfect Dark 2

Justin McElroy

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Update: Rare ain't talkin'. "There's always rumors going around about different games we may or may not be doing but we'd prefer not to comment on rumors at this stage," the developer told

Our favorite kind of rumors to post are the ones that make perfect sense to us and this nugget from Indian gaming site Game Guru is just such a rumor. Apparently, the author's "sources" are telling him that Rare is hard at work on a sequel to Perfect Dark. Apparently, in this chronological follow-up to the N64 title, Joanna Dark is, well, darker, and the game has a new built-in morality system to match.

Though completely a rumor at this point, this makes a lot of sense. With no Halo (save for the RTS) title, Gears of War 2 is going to need a little help holding up the tent pole. As far as action titles go, we're not sure there's a more logical successor than Perfect Dark. And hey, maybe this one will even be fun!

[Via CVG]

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