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Spoiler-free Phantom Hourglass tips

Eric Caoili

Not everyone has been able to run through and complete The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass yet; some of us have been too distracted with exploring every single pixel of the ocean or maximizing our cannon minigame scores (2660) to rush to the adventure's end.

If you're still in the beginnings of your quest to save Tetra from the terrible Ghost Ship, the feel of Link's boomerang still unfamiliar to your hand, make sure to check out Portable Video Gamer's collection of miscellaneous tips and tricks. Some of their advice is obvious, but their points on performing Link's roll ("As you walk, touch the very edge of the screen, then drag your stylus towards Link and quickly slide back to the screen's edge.") and practicing for multiplayer battles in the Temple of the Ocean King are helpful.

Provided that you've already sailed past the fog in the northwestern section of the map, the page of info should be spoiler-free, unlike the forum threads out there riddled with casual posts that give the game's great parts away. Have any random tips of your own that you'd like to impart to your fellow readers? Make sure to leave them in our comments!

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