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Target finally deploys Blu-ray "endcap"

Ben Drawbaugh

The BDA scored a big PR win when they announced that Target would only sell Blu-ray players. Of course, later we learned that it only amounted to Sony paying for an endcap -- since then they've also shifted some shelf space away from HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray. Now it's been almost three months since all the hubbub and our friends over at Format War Central have spotted one of the few Target stores to start offering the BDP-S300. We checked a few stores ourselves without any luck, at least until we stopped by a new Super Target in Oldsmar, FL -- which just happened to open last week. And Sure enough, they had a Blu-ray endcap with player, as well as a much larger movie selection than we've seen at any other Target. In addition to the titles displayed in the endcap, the Blu-ray movie selection is 23 wide by 5 high compared to the HD DVD's of 15 wide and 5 high (picture after the break). While we're glad to know of another place to pick up HD movies, we wonder how many Target shopers are going to pick up a $500 Blu-ray player from a store like Target.

Yes the whole row is HD movies.

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