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67% of Wii owners haven't touched the console recently


There's a hot new report out in the Land of the Rising Fun, which states that 67% of Wii owners just want to be left alone by their Wii. They haven't spent any quality time with their console in quite awhile. The question is, why? Did those people pick up the console merely for Wii Sports?

What is everyone waiting on? We know we're waiting on a few games, most notably Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros., but we've still found other reasons to pick up a Wiimote and play. Not only did we get some sweet retail releases in the past couple of months (Metroid Prime 3, Resident Evil 4 and Super Paper Mario, anyone?), but also some really good Virtual Console games.

Regardless, we know those folk will be picking up their Wiimotes soon enough.

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