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AACS LA is one step ahead, for now

Ben Drawbaugh

The world of DRM is a cat and mouse game and will be till the content creators finally figure out DRM doesn't work. The latest titles from both HD formats includes the latest version of AACS (MKB v.4) and as a result they can't be ripped. SlySoft (the makers of AnyDVD HD) are working hard to update their software, but at this point it's been at least a week -- it might end up being the most resilient update since AACS was originally compromised, as they usually they have an update in a few days. But this isn't the worst of it, as most of the new Blu-ray titles also include BD+. Some say it isn't crackable; but we know how that goes, and SlySoft seems to think they'll have it worked out in about six weeks.

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