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Famitsu publisher says 67% of Wii owners aren't playing

Kevin Kelly

Are you reading this on your Wii right now? Have you fired it up and played anything lately? According to Famitsu, almost seven out of ten Wii owners aren't using the system at all, which seems like a fairly high number. This came out in a report from Enterbrain President (and Famitsu publisher) Hirokazu Hamamura which was praising Nintendo and citing big things ahead, especially for the DS platform, which he predicts will have 30 million units in Japan in 2009.

However, it makes it hard to understand how the Wii will continue to be a success if the majority of people who bought one aren't playing it. He goes on to say that part of the problem is that the Wii hasn't had a second hit that was as big as Wii Sports. In other words, he's calling the Wii a novelty. A fad that is starting to wear thin. Remember how big Tamagotchis were? If not, then we've just dated ourselves, but if so, then you'll probably also remember how quickly they vanished after they rolled in.

While he cites the attention that Wii Fit is getting, and the coming (sometime) Monster Hunter 3, we'd like to know what sort of a polling system they're using to get these numbers. It seems like these figures are pure speculation at best. We'll start our own very unofficial Joystiq poll:

Have you used your Wii recently?
Yup! Wii Sports still isn't old
Nope. Well, there was that one system update ...
Wii is 4 old peeple n girls LOLZ!

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