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How a 681-day achievement streak comes to an end


David Dreger, better known to the Xbox community by his gamertag "Knuckles Dawson," finally saw the end to his 681-day Xbox achievement streak on Oct. 4. Dreger tells why it happened in his latest Achievement 101 feature on sister-site X3F. After receiving MVP status from Microsoft on Oct. 1., he finally made the decision to stop -- but it took another few days for it to actually happen. Dreger received at least one achievement on his Xbox 360 gamertag every day from Nov. 22, 2005 until Oct. 4, 2007.

Dreger, who is also a co-host on sister-site X3F's podcast, says he's accomplished all that he wanted to with the achievement streak. What finally made him stop his streak was a good game of Halo 3 with a friend while they were on the level "The Way the World Ends." Dreger says he's still interested in getting achievements as he is a self-proclaimed "achievement whore," but now is focusing on simpler tasks like getting his score to 54,321, to mirror when he had 12,345. Y'know, just for the heck of it.

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