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Listen to the WoW Insider Show, episode 7

Mike Schramm

Bored waiting for your character to copy over to the 2.3 PTR? Episode 7 of the WoW Insider Show is now available online over at WoW Radio for your listening pleasure. WoW Radio's Turpster, WoW Insider's Matthew Rossi and I sat down last Saturday and gave our listeners insight, discussion, and hopefully a little bit of humor regarding the following posts:
Plus, we talk at length about leveling the same class over and over again, Paladin viability with both DPS and tanking, and how Turpster is a master of WoW-related comedy. It's a good time, so give it a listen, won't you?

And don't forget that we do this live on WoW Radio every Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm EST or 8:30pm GMT. This weekend, Turpster won't actually be around (he's going to Totalbiscuit's wedding-- Grats, TB and Eriyanna!), but as always, we'll have WoW Insider folks on with WoW Radio folks, and the best WoW insight and commentary outside of, well, this very site.

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