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Pro Evolution Soccer -- made just like SNES games

Nick Doerr

Soccer is awesome and its console gaming equivalent, Pro Evolution Soccer, can be touted as equally awesome for the football (if you're anything but American) enthusiast . So, how did development go with this title? IGN asks Shingo Takatsuka, known as Seabass, just that.
  • While claiming this year's PES the best yet, Seabass already has new ideas to work out for next year's game. In essence, this should make every year to come the best PES yet.
  • As for weak points in the development process/team, Seabass says that "the way we create the game is almost the same as when we made the SNES games. We've been creating games in the same manner for many years and in that sense it's good for upgrading AI and so on. However, if we want to dramatically improve the graphics and add hundreds of new stadiums and so on the SNES way of making a game cannot be applied." He also implies next year's game will be different from this approach, so think what you will.
  • The workload has been difficult across all platforms, not just programming for the PS3. It's refreshing to see a developer not jumping at the chance to claim the PS3 is hard to work with.
  • The PS3 and 360 games are going to be exactly the same, though Seabass admits he isn't sure why the PS3 version experiences some slowdown when the 360 does not. His guess is as good as ours, but we doubt it's the console.
  • You can dive in the game now, although it's not a do-or-die skill to learn, it will help you out if you master the timing.
It's more technical than anything else, but it seems that aside from a bit of slowdown, PS3 fans have something to get excited for, as long as soccer is their cup of tea. If you don't have a PS3, the game is going to continue to get released on the PS2 for a while, so no worries. Sports games are probably going to be the last titles to truly jump into next-gen development, because we all know they love releasing on every platform known to man.

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