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The Brewfest wrap-up question

Dan O'Halloran

The festive tents are coming down. The Pink Elekks are fading away. The Wolpertingers are are scurrying back to their hutch in Wolpertingerland. What? You've never heard of Wolpertinger- land? Trust me, you are noy prepared.

Of course, neither was Blizzard. Nothing could prepare them for the combination of enthusiasm and technical glitches that made the inaugural Brewfest event something of a bugfest. But for the love of schnitzel and parading through Ogrimmar as a Tauren on a Riding Ram (so, so wrong) players dove in to the Daily Quests, both steins at the ready.

But with Brewfest winding down today we figured it was time to count your tickets and see if that Pony Keg will be making an appearance at the next Gruul wipe. I bring you, the question of the day:

Let us know what you accomplished and what got left behind like a bad hangover. I, for one, know that I shall never remove from my memory the site of a Blood Elf in Brewfest Regalia. How about you?

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