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Breakfast Topic: WoWing console style

Amanda Rivera

Mike's post yesterday about playing WoW with an XBox controller got me thinking. Now, I honestly prefer playing certain kinds of games on the PC, MMOs topping that list. But if Blizzard up and decided tomorrow to change their minds about a console (which they aren't) version of World of Warcraft, I wonder what it would be like. Exactly how much would the game change once it was ported? And which console would WoW be most at home on?

We've seen how it might be done on the XBox. Part of me says the PS3 would be an excellent choice, with the massive graphics rendering capabilities, there would never be any lag in Shattrath, evar. But what about the Wii? Would swinging your sword be more enjoyable than hitting the button on the keyboard? And how exactly would one cast a spell, wave around the Wiimote like Cinderella's fairy godmother?

What do you think? Exactly how well would WoW work on a console?

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