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dreamGEAR's Lava Glow wireless PS3 controller will blind your enemies


Sure, your average PlayStation 3 controller is functional... but is it super ugly? Enter the dreamGEAR Lava Glow wireless controller -- a peripheral so heinous looking it can likely be used to visually stun your opponents. The liquid-filled, glowing controller transmits on the lovable 2.4GHz RF band, and is said to be the "most comfortable controller ever created," according to the company's modest PR. The Lava Glow is also jam-packed with "motion sensing gyroscopes," which somehow provide you with "complete latency free game play," though we're not sure how. The controller comes in red or blue, and is available now for $34.99 -- just be sure you don't spike it against a wall and get lava juice on your carpet.

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