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Guildwatch: Revenge on the old GM

Mike Schramm

Guildwatch is back again this week (as usual) with your weekly dose of drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. After a slow past few weeks, our tipsters made up for lost time this week, and packed our inbox (at if you've got tips of your own) full of dramatic drama, triumphant downing news, and interesting recruiting notices (we've even got a retro guild this week!).

So click the link below to see this week's column-- you may want to be sitting down for this.


  • Drama from Azjol-Nerub-H: Crimson Lotus and Malus Lepus merged together into Centzon Totochtin a while back, but the merger is falling apart, we hear. First, a member named Ras "went insane on the forums," (not sure what that means-- whatever he did must be behind a password) and then an exodus started (lots of ML folks have joined a guild named Fleh). Rumor is that CT is not long for this world (of Warcraft).
  • This is great... A GL on Garona named Tonka apparently was unhappy that his guild wasn't progressing, so he quit the game a while back to LotRO. Apparently he didn't like it in Middle Earth, so he came back to Azeroth, and reformed his guild, called Ascension, stealing back some of his members from a new guild they'd joined called Pillage. After Ascension called a Gruul raid, a Warlock who'd been with them was asked to leave the guild (we're not sure why). But she rejoined Pillage, and to get Tonka back, Pillage took the Warlock on their own Gruul's raid, and ninja'd Ascension's raid ID. Needless to say, Ascension was unhappy-- alert the media! Pillage is unrepentant. I'd tell you why, but this is too long, so I didn't read. I did like Tonka's replies to their arguments, though-- I wonder why "I make $150,000 a year," or "you are ignorant" didn't win him any friends.
  • Compared to that, this breakup is so tame it almost hurts: The Forgotten Legion is cordially breaking up over on Twisting Nether. The GL and some friends are jumping servers, and everyone else is breaking up into their own guilds. Sad for some members, but hey guys, things change.
  • Yakuza, now Entity Unknown on Underbog-H merged up with another guild, and then cleaned house: they /gkicked a Warrior for not knowing how to stance dance, and a girl for having just one gem wrong. They also apparently kept a Warlock who hadn't raided yet at all, compared to people who had been raiding for a while. Is it cool to clean house in a guild because players don't know how to do something with their class? Isn't that what a guild is for-- teaching people how to be better at the game? Shouldn't they at least have given them a chance?
  • Last week we reported that the Rainmakers of Kirin Tor had split up, but rumors of their disbanding were exaggerated, we're told-- while about a dozen members left for Remnant (because they were unhappy with guild raiding and recruitment policies, the Rainmakers are still going strong as a casual raiding guild, and have finished off Kara all the way up to Nightbane. Plus, they love our podcast, and no guild that loves our podcast could ever, ever split up due to drama.
  • Lots of returning GL stories this week-- here's one from Team sYn on Malfurion-- their GL was apparently known as a jerk on the server, so he left the game and passed GL duties to a friend of his. When this friend got tired of being in charge, he recalled the original GL, and passed the duties back-- late at night when no one else was on. The next 24 hours, we're told, were pretty crazy-- officers and guildies /gquit left and right, and other guilds have swooped in to pick up their raiders-- "more high end consolidation," says our tipster, "on a low population realm."
  • Don't you love when the lowbie trolls come out to trash the guild leadership? And when an alt gets revealed, the drama between Ascendant and Storm from Gilneas spills over into this thread, too.
  • Addicted on Kalecgos-H has closed down Gruul's Lair, a week after their first full Kara clear. That's right, you ogres-- don't bother showing up to work tomorrow, because Gruul ain't gonna be there.
  • Sonic Death Monkey (who play Horde on some realm-- they didn't say) dropped Hydross, making them 4/6 in SSC and 2/4 in TK. Also, they're seeking healers. Fire Death Monkeys need not apply.
  • Armageddon Korps on Dalvengyr-H downed Prince for the first time this past weekend. They're starting up their second group, and Gruul's on notice in the next few weeks. Ask Pyraneas about joining if you're interested.
  • Our good friend Winchester the Pally tank of Contingent on Shattered Halls-A (I messed up his guild name last time, sorry) lets us know that he's main tanked both Gruul and HKM this week. Grats!
  • Ordo Domus on Exodar-A sprinkled some salt on Hydross, and he just dissolved! Whoda thunkit?!? Here's the video, and Lurker, better splurge on that life insurance, because you're on notice.
  • WMC on Bronze Dragonflight got serious on Morogrim Tidewalker-- after handpicking a raid for the job, they dropped him, and then went on to take out Hydross, too. Very nice.
  • Vindication on Bladefist (who appeared in this space a while ago for some drama about a racial slur, apparently) have moved on, and gotten back into progress-- they dropped Morogrim as well, making them the most-progressed guild on the server. Grats! Drama is always, always bad for progression. Or is it? Is there ever any time when drama helps progression?
  • Shadow on Firetree downed Lurker Below, and sent him back down below. I'm sorry, that sucked. You try writing these things every week. But grats!
  • The alliance of Catalyst and Rancor (a.k.a. CatalystforRancor) are rocking on Steamwheedle Cartel-A-- they too have downed the Lurker Below. Nice job!
  • Tantalus on Anub'arak-A are proud to say that they have killed Void Reaver for a guild first. They say to expect to see them here again, and I don't doubt it.
  • Resurrection of Illidan-A is on a freakin' roll: Leotheras the Blind, Morogrim Tidewalker, Fathom-Lord Karathress, High Astromancer Solarian, and Al'ar (that's them above). Vashj, baby, are you nervous? No? You should be, because you're on notice!
  • The Corrupted on Burning Blade took HKM out to dinner. Aww that's nice. No, wait-- I just read the rest of it. Apparently guild progression was the only thing on the menu, and they killed him. So long, Morton (you didn't know that was his first name?). Gruul's at 50%.
  • Soulbound on Norgannon-H has conquered the Void Reaver. Lurker is nizzext!
  • In Vino Veritas on Zuluhed is rolling right along in Karazhan-- they've made it all the way up to the Chess event, and Prince is on notice. They were worried this wasn't newsworthy, but worry not, IVV-- here at GW, every kill deserves a "grats!"
  • Shattered Ravens from EU Steamwheedle Cartel dropped the Curator last week, after about five weeks of once a week raiding into Karazhan.
  • The House downed Kael'thas for a Thunderhorn-H first. Grats, go Thorn!
  • The Wasted Warriors on Magtheridon also finished off Hydross, despite a touch of guild drama going down.
  • Black Anvil Brigands are a microguild on Hellscream (just six people), but they've pugged the extra spots and finished all the way up to the Curator on their first attempt in there.
  • Rebirth on Vashj just changed leadership-- Wez is in charge now. They're currently working on Shade in Karazhan, and they are actively recruiting good tanks and healers.
  • Demise on EU Darkspear-A spent the week one-shotting Hydross, VR, HKM, and Gruul, and they're looking for a good resto Shaman and a Holy Priest.
  • Delirium is EU Lightbringer-H's best casual raiding guild, and they're looking for well-geared, knowledgeable players to raid with. They need Affliction Warlocks, Holy Paladins, BM / MM Hunters, Resto Shamans, and Resto Druids, but they'll take apps from players of all classes as long as you know what you're doing.
  • Rock of Executus-A is looking for well-equipped, Karazhan-keyed, dedicated raiders to raid with skill and efficiency from Tues-Thurs every week. They want progression, and if that's what you're willing to do, they want you.
  • The Village People on EU Doomhammer are a fun social guild, casually doing instance runs, seeking new guildmembers for chat and good times.
  • Category 5 (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Bronzebeard-A is recruiting all classes for people to come to Gruul and SSC with them.
  • Kicked and Banned is still in the game on Zul'jin-- they've cleared Karazhan up to Chess, and a recruiting all classes for the rest of Karazhan and beyond.
  • Winterborn on Kael'thas-A is working on SSC and TK, and would like some Priests to fill out their raiding ranks. No spec listed, so I'm guessing Discipline, right? What?
  • Shattered on Laughing Skull-H is looking for healers, Shadow Priests, and Shamans to fill out their SSC/TK raiding group.
  • The Night Raiders on EU Sylvanas is raiding Karazhan late at night and they're seeking a few good healers to finish up Kara and beyond. Plus, they like WoW Insider, so clearly they are a great guild to be with.
  • Dreamscape on EU Draenor is a brand new retro guild-- they're planning to raid all pre-BC dungeons and raids. They're recruiting levels 50+ to head to MC, UBRS, AQ and Naxx.
  • Sock Puppet Assassins on Smoulderthorn-H is looking for 30s-60s to level up with them. And they do have a good time, but I'm sorry, I like Category 5 better, and I'm the one who gives out the awards here. You can get the People's Choice award-- if the commenters say they like your name better.
Great googly moogly, you guys sent a lot of stuff in this week. Putting this all together tonight has kept me from playing Portal! But I'm all done now, so it's off to the land of blue and orange windows and computer voices. Until next week, send your tips to, and happy raiding!

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