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Painkiller: Overdose demo now available

Justin McElroy

Everyone knows that the best thing about first-person shooter Painkiller is not its incredibly ironic title. (Do you get it? ... Because he causes pain.) No, the best thing about Painkiller was its stake gun, which shot massive wooden spikes that could stick enemies to walls. Unfortunately, since the "Arsenal" section of prequel Painkiller: Overdose's official site is still "Coming Soon," we can't confirm the stake gun is in the game, and it's tough for us to recommend a download of the new demo.

In the future, we'd recommend that publishers try to tout their best features a bit better. For instance, calling the game "Painkiller: Stake Shooting Challenge" or "Painkiller: Did You See the Way That Stake Killed that Dude?" would not have been inappropriate. So we don't know what to tell you about the demo, but if you want to risk the MBs, go nuts.

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