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Today in Joystiq: October 17, 2007

Ross Miller

It won't have the weight but it will have the flammability (although we do not recommend Fratricide). You can make your own Weighted Companion Cube papercraft -- be sure to use the full, 3000x2250 pixel printout. According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, this particular papercraft originated from the 4chan forums. Remember: he will not stab you. Check out the highlights for today:

The B[ack]log: Coming clean (about Dirt)
Wii Fanboy Weekly October, 11th 2007 - October 17th, 2007

G4 gets LOST, network execs miss obvious joke
Levine considering DLC in BioShock
Painkiller: Overdose demo now available
Rat Race brings episodic comedy to PSN
Studio Archcraft's Project Exile planned for Q1 2008
Big GRAW 2 pack coming next month
Capcom announces Street Fighter IV
Lost Planet finds its way to PlayStation 3 in '08
Smash Bros. Brawl's Wiimote controls
Roadievision: See the Rock Band drum kit setup
Capcom venturing into 'Dark Void'
SingStar Bollywood shuffles into Europe this Friday
Codies make futuristic MMO RF Online a freebie
Study: More Xbox 360 achievements = better reviews, more sales
WiiWare Final Fantasy due March 2008 in Japan
New Street Fighter 2 HD Remix details at Capcom Gamer's Day
Killzone 2 dev: Blu-ray is a necessity
Jaffe pops the top on Eat Sleep Play's Logo
Rock Band reveals less-than-rocking Achievements list
Nintendo ceases hardware support for Famicom, other aging platforms
Bionic Commando trailer swings in with game footage

Rumors & Speculation
Rumorang: Okami on Wii

Culture & Community
Play Team Fortress 2 with Valve this Friday
BioWare is a great place to work -- for now
The Sports Guy slips on the NBA Live 08 mo-cap suit
Zero Punctuation likes Orange Box, but loves Portal

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