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Too Human impressions roll in


It seems like Silicon Knights is finally ready to throw back the curtain on Too Human, and impressions are coming in from all over the place. Right now, previews can be found on GameSpot, IGN, and 1UP. The long and short of it is that it looks like Too Human is on the right track. One thing worth noting, all the previews take great pains -- probably under the suggestion of Silicon Knights -- to explain that the game is not an all out action affair. It is, as we have noticed in the past, more akin to dungeon crawlers like Diablo. If you find yourself in the market for such a game, Too Human will likely do quite nicely. The previews note that there are a wide variety of items and equipment to be looted from enemies. The loot system is compared to that of World of Warcraft, with tons of customizable weapons and armor. Naturally, the most effective items are the hardest to find. In fact, certain items require that you find blueprints and pay an exorbitant price to have them crafted. The right-stick-controlled combat is described as working very well most of the time, but still in need of some fine tuning. Finally, it was revealed that Too Human is designed to be played through many times in order to max out your character's level. The level cap is set at 50, and Silicon Knights says that characters from the first installment of Too Human can be imported into the future sequels of the trilogy.

Overall, it's sounds like things are looking up for Too Human. Check out the various previews at the links below.

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