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WiiWare Final Fantasy due March 2008 in Japan


Japan's weekly Famitsu magazine has divulged more details about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Little King and the Promise Country, the new Final Fantasy title recently revealed for Nintendo's online distribution channel Wii Ware.

According to 1UP, the article reveals the game to take place after the Gamecube original, with the main character as the Little King, whose task is to create towns in order to populate a barren land with a new country. The Little Prince King uses special powers to collect elemental skills and develop the land, deferring to upgradeable side characters to do a lot of his dirty work.

Famitsu reports that the game has a March 2008 release date in Japan, and will be priced at 1,500 Wii points (Or $15 USD). Now, given that we haven't heard anything from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers -- the other new Crystal Chronicles Wii game -- in quite some time, are we to assume that this game is an entirely separate venture, or simply Crystal Bearers reborn as DLC? Talk amongst yourselves.

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