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David Jaffe's new games ideal for PSP


With Jaffe no longer bound by the chains of God of War, his newly formed independent studio, Eat Sleep Play, can work on smaller projects. Considering his desire to go back to smaller, pick up and play games, it appears that PSP is the ideal platform for Jaffe to begin with. (Jaffe previously worked on a canceled PSP exclusive called Heartland.) Speaking to Level Up's N'Gai Croal, Jaffe reveals "We're really more about fun, pick up and play, arcade, multiplayer, just having a really good time, at least on the Sony end."

Although Jaffe has expressed interest in Sony's handheld, there's still no confirmation of what platform his next game will end up on. "We haven't announced if we're on Blu-Ray, if we're on PSN, if we're on handheld. All we've really announced is that we are exclusive to Sony in those areas for three titles."

We'll keep you in the know.

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