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Live Free or Die Hard DVD to also include downloadable version

Darren Murph

Although we had heard that "another studio" would be mimicking the approach taken by Warner Home Video on the forthcoming Harry Potter DVD, now we're learning the who, what and when. Apparently, 20th Century Fox will be including an "electronic copy of the complete movie [that's Live Free or Die Hard, for those wondering] that can be played on a computer and select portable video players." This could debatably be seen as an "industry first" considering the November 20th release date (compared to Potter's December 11th), and while the Digital Copy system is expected to hit future Fox DVDs, we've no idea what those titles will be just yet. Furthermore, it's stated that the feature is "DRM-free," but after entering a 16-digit serial code found within the case, users can only "transfer the movie file to Windows-based computers or PMPs equipped with Microsoft Windows' PlaysForSure feature." Gotta love those limitations, eh?

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