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Seth Green heads up Mass Effect cast

Justin McElroy

Attention nerds: Do not think for a moment that casting of Seth Green in a prominent role in Mass Effect is in any way a cynical ploy for geek cred or your attention. Yes, Green may have appeared in Robot Chicken, Idle Hands, Family Guy, Batman Beyond, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel ... hmm. OK, so maybe it's a little bit of a ploy. But Green's also a fine comedic actor, so it's not like he was only cast because it's a statistical certainty that his wallet holds at least one dollar that formerly belonged to you.

Green is playing the sarcastic pilot role of Joker in the sci-fi RPG (not The Joker, sorry fanfic kids), but he's not sure he'll be playing the game. "I'm really bad with video games," he said. "Like I honestly just have no skill. And it's sad. I would love to play, but for some reason my hand-eye coordination doesn't work well these types of games." So ... does this mean no quick-time events in Play the Industry?

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