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Will you help Engadget energize education (and pwn the Blogger Challenge leaderboard)?

Evan Blass

First off, we want to express both our gratitude for and amazement at the overwhelming reaction to our charity drive so far; we're humbled that so many of you have chosen to give back to our public schools by providing crucial technology to children in some of the neediest of districts. Since the challenge began on the 9th, 45 of us (including several Engadget editors who put our money where our mouth is) have joined in to contribute over $6,000 towards nearly two dozen projects around the country, which together will fund supplies utilized by some 827 students.

That being said, our work here is far from done. Team Engadget Energizes Education is currently in fourth place on the technology leaderboard (down from a peak of second) and still needs over $20,000 to meet its goal. So even if you think that there are better causes to give to, or you're cynical about so-called "skimming" of administrative fees (incidentally, DonorsChoose does give you the option to waive any overhead and allocate 100% of your gift towards the project), we're still hoping that you'll donate just a few dollars if only because you like what you read here every day. Think of it as an optional subscription fee that goes to a worthy cause instead of even more redundant gadgets for us. We have until October 31st to raise as much money as possible, so if you can find it in your heart to help out the littlest less-fortunate this holiday season (Halloween), we'd really consider it a personal thanks and a mitzvah as well.

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