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BBC still deciding if they need a dedicated HD station

Matt Burns

The BBC have been testing a dedicated high-def station, which should end in November '07, to determine if they need a dedication high-def station -- hellz yeah, they do. BBC HD seems to have a mash-up lineup similar to Discovery HD Theater with shows from other BBC channels all merged into one dedicated mega-channel. Currently, BBC is taking 50% of their content from BBC One, 30% from BBC Two and the other 20% is coming from BBC's other digital channels making up the high definition station that will launch in 2012. The programming seems to be there and we sure know people want HDTV, so why the wait for the British digital switch-over in 2012? It doesn't sound like BBC HD needs more testing, cut through the red tape and just launch the channel to high-def starved Brits already.

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