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Mass Effect characters looking for friends on Facebook

Dan Dormer

Britney and Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect have something in common: they're both looking for friends. Apparently, having your visitation rights with your kids removed and attempting to stop an evil force from causing the downfall of the entire galaxy produce a similar result for such pensive souls: loneliness. While Britney's response isn't terribly civil (then again, when is running over anyone's foot, let alone a paparazzi's?), the commander has tackled the problem in a more head-on way ... by signing up for Facebook.

That's right, after developing space flight mankind still uses Facebook in the year 2138. Amidst photos of underage coeds goaded into performing less than savory acts on frat members and annoying invites to install vampire, werewolf, zombie, pirates, ninjas, or pirates versus ninja applications, Commander Shepherd and a fellow Mass Effect character Wrex have both created their very own profiles on the social networking site. Anyone looking for some friends that are truly out of this world?

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