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Sharp's 300 Watt TV stand

Steven Kim

Sharp's new ANPR1000H is two, two products in one: TV stand and 2.1 "surround" sound system. There's also an FM tuner thrown in to complete the package. As you can see, you get L-R channels and two "sub"woofers. Oh yeah, and a place for your TV and assorted players. It's not the monster that Evesham has, but the receiver section of this console features 4x75W, Dolby's Audistry processing (for all manner of sound enhancement), and decoding for DTS, Dolby Digital, and Pro Logic II. We'd rather put the money into a receiver and speakers, but this is probably the sort of setup that was in mind for some other recommendations. No word on US availability, it's currently in Australia for AU$1099 (roughly US$980).

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