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The latest changes on the PTR

David Bowers

World of Raids once again has the latest breaking news on the latest Patch 2.3 Public Test Ream changes! Today's class changes seem to be mostly happy buffs, especially for hunters and rogues and paladins, as well as a slight nerf to warriors beyond the jump. Also read on below for Guild Bank prices, New Arena Season 3 weapon models, a Field Repair Bot change, as well as a few new engineering toys.


  • It looks like hunters get their version of Mortal Strike after all: Aimed Shot now reduces all healing done on the target by 50% for 10 seconds, in addition to the regularly increased damage.
  • The dead zone has not been eradicated, but it has been reduced to just about 1 yard. Why not just get rid of the dead zone and be done with it? Is Blizzard paranoid about the possibility of using melee and ranged abilities at the same time through latency bugs or something?
  • The rogue talent "Aggression" is being improved so that its damage bonus applies to Backstab as well as Sinister Strike and Eviscerate (at +2/4/6% with each rank).
  • Shadowstep now has a 30 second cooldown in addition to being usable out of stealth. Its range has been changed from 0-20 yards to 8-25 yards, and its +20% damage bonus now applies to whatever special attack you make next (i.e. Sinister Strike, Hemorrhage -- even Eviscerate or Rupture). Could this make it beneficial to non-dagger rogues as well?
  • Hemorrhage has received a huge buff: It now increases physical damage dealt to its target by up to 36 (increased from 10!), but its number of charges has been reduced from 30 to 10. This should make hemo rogues more desirable in groups, and also increase the benefit from having more than one in a raid -- but is it really enough?
  • The "Fanaticism" talent in the retribution tree now reduces the paladin's threat by 30% at the highest rank in addition to 15% increased critical strike chance with all judgements.
  • The protection talent "Precision" now gives a +3% chance to hit with spells in addition to melee attacks.


  • Sorry, warriors -- your "Weapon Mastery" talent was going to reduce the chance your enemies would dodge your attacks by 4%, but now it's only 2%. If you look on the bright side, that means you'll be able to use Overpower a bit more often, when they dodge, right?
  • The Field Repair Bot 110g now has 5 charges on it. Will this make it cost-effective enough to actually use now? If so (and assuming it still costs about 110 gold in materials to make), I wonder at what point our readers think it might be necessary.
  • There's a picture of some kind of new Rocket Chicken gadget model in there, as well as two new "toys," a gyrocopter and a zeppelin. These remind me of the good ol' days of remote control cars! Here's to hoping we'll be able to steer them around like tonks!
  • Guild Banks are up on the PTRs now, and you can buy up to 6 slots containing up to 98 items each -- the catch is the incredible cost. The first slot is only 1 gold, but the sixth is a whopping 10,000! That would be the most expensive thing in the game now, if I'm not mistaken.
  • Arena Season 3 weapons have new skins, basically black versions of other weapons you might find in the Black Temple or Hyjal. Remember these are the ones you're going to need a special Arena Rating in order to purchase -- just having the right amount of points won't be enough.

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