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Breakfast Topic: Extreme talents

Eliah Hecht

A new WoW blog made its first post yesterday, and it was a magical moment as always. Over at Green Chocobo, Mirrand proposes to chronicle the adventures of a 61-point Fury warrior named Breakpoint (someone's a Final Fantasy fan, it seems), inspired by our very own Beast Mastery-loving Dan Howell, AKA BigRedKitty. I actually met a level 60 51-point Fury warrior shortly after the BC launch, rampaging along Hellfire Ramparts, and he seemed to be doing just fine for himself, so the concept apparently has some viability to it. Most classes, in fact, seem to have enough flexibility to them that they wouldn't be missing too much by just going all the way to one tree. And that got me thinking: what extreme talent builds would work surprisingly well, and which ones would be hilariously catastrophic?

My own opinion is that Fury may be one of the best, and Discipline is certainly going to be one of the worst. Whether that means the Disc tree is badly designed (which it is) is an open question, but I don't think a 61/0/0 priest is going to be doing much good anywhere, any time soon.

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