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Brutal Legend is finally announced (officially)

Sure, we spotted the cover story on Game Informer over a week ago but up until now, Sierra has been mum on Tim Schafer's latest, Brütal Legend. That means Tim's been mum. Which was funny. On Friday, Sierra made the announcement and Schafer took to Double Fine's blog with the news. Sure, you may be inclined to laugh at Sierra but know that their intentions are pure. Read Tim's account of a mama bear, an eviscerated hunter, and Ronnie James Dio. We think Sierra is supposed to be the mama bear. Either way, Lemmy from Motorhead and Tim offer the above photographed message (Johnny Cash-style) to the publishers who didn't feel the metal.

Want to let the world – and the establishment – know you love Brütal Legend? If you pre-order the game at GameStop you get a free t-shirt; alternatively, you can order a different t-shirt directly from the Double Fine store which ensures Tim Schafer can continue to live in the manner of comfort all great game designers have grown accustomed to. Peep the tees after the break. Brütal Legend is due out on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2008 (the never reliable Gamestop lists 11/03/08).

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