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Capcom does smart thing, delays Harvey Birdman game


Well, it seems both EA and Capcom have gotten this crazy idea that people still purchase games once the holiday season is over. Joining Army of Two in the November bail-out is catastrophic courtroom comedy, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Posting on Capcom's community forums, senior director of strategic planning and research, Christian Svensson, validated his professional title with the following (under)statement: "The game is and has been finished, submitted and approved, however we felt releasing the game on the same day 112 other SKUs released was not ideal for its chances. Retail buyers agreed."

Based on the television show of the same name, Harvey Birdman follows the eponymous attorney at lawl as he bungles his way through unusual cases and awkward silences. If you're thinking gameplay amounts to Phoenix Wright with an extra dose of non sequitur oddity, you're not too far from the truth. Luckily, you have this week's superb Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations to keep you occupied until the Birdman gets on your case. Retailers currently say they'll get the thing Capcom sent them in January.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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