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Eight years of games on The Daily Show

Kyle Orland

Now that Viacom has decided to post the full archives of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart online, we thought it was a good opportunity to look back at the many game-related stories and conversations covered in the eight years since Stewart took over the satirical news show. Read on for a trip down memory lane that includes Pac-Man, Grand Theft Auto and a much younger-looking Stewart (just look at that hair! It's huge!).

Nov. 8, 1999

Pokémon cards arrive in New York and the first Pokémon movie opens. Jon Stewart asks, "Hey parents, what's yellow, naked and controlling your kid's life?":

Also, a Poké-moment of Zen:

Nov. 11, 2000
Ice Cube tells the audience that they "gotta get up on Dreamcast" and Stewart admits his love for Ready to Rumble and Soul Calibur (game references starts at 2:04):

April 5, 2000
Japanese nerds (and one non-nerd who totally has a girlfriend in Korea) go nuts for the launch of the PS2:

Dec. 6, 2000
Marlon Wayans talks about playing Tekken on the backstage PS2 (starts at 0:52):

Nov. 17, 2002
Stewart and Ja Rule talks about playing Hitman, Timesplitters 2 and Dead to Rights on the Xbox. Includes the immortal Stewart quip, "You know, I like video games much more than I like life" (starts at 1:10):

Nov. 19, 2002
Lewis Black talks up the latest in sexy gaming: Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball ("not your father's extreme beach volleyball") and BMX XXX. Also, Conflict: Desert Storm: "As long as President Bush doesn't run out of health units, we can't lose":

Feb. 11, 2004
Rob Corddry talks to The Alphaville Herald's Robert Ludlow and EA's Jeff Brown about reports of "cyber-brothels" in The Sims Online. Key question: "How do we steal a car and shoot some hookers?":

May 25, 2005
Howard Stringer gets appointed as the first non-Japanese CEO of Sony:

June 20, 2006
A game-packed episode. Stewart looks at congress' look at adult gaming content ...

... "Senior PlayStation-ologist" Samantha Bee reports does a live report straight from Grand Theft Auto's San Andreas ...

... and, finally, a retro Moment of Zen:

April 25, 2007
Aasif Mandvi reveals plans to turn Baghdad into a Pac-Man maze (starts 1:40):

April 26, 2007
Jon addresses the myriad causes being blamed for the Virginia Tech massacre, including violent video games. (starts at 4:16)

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