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Supreme Commander to conquer consoles


Gas Powered Games founder, Chris Taylor, has admitted to Pro-G that console owners can safely expect to partake in the strategic giant robot action of his studio's well-received Supreme Commander. That is to say, the action is strategic and involves robots -- the actual giant robots aren't all that strategic. Featuring in a real-time strategy game, they're not too bright and usually require you to tell them what things to step on.

Though Taylor didn't specify which platforms the game would ultimately be headed to, his comments on potential console versions of the upcoming Space Siege point to the Xbox 360 being the first recipient. "If you look at pure development economics, it's the platform of choice for moving stuff from the PC," he said. "You can get stuff over there economically, very quickly." That includes a mouse-driven interface, which Taylor hopes Supreme Commander will further ingrain on consoles. We'll see what Halo Wars has to say about that.

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