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Bionic Commando and his multi-purpose claw


We loved the original Bionic Commando. For the time, the claw and swinging dynamics were incredibly innovative. Nowadays, swinging has been done to death, and has arguably been perfected by Spider-Man 2 (it's backwards compatible, try it out). Honestly, in the original, all you could do with the claw was swing, grab power-ups, and mildly annoy enemies. So, what does the new Bionic Commando bring to the table? Take a gander at the video embedded above and find out. The new bionic arm can be used to hurl just about anything at enemies, though we're quite partial to random chunks of concrete. If you'd like to get more personal, you can always choke an enemy soldier as you casually blast some other baddies with your stupid normal arm. Or, you can pull something loose from above, letting it fall on hapless villains below.

That's all well and good, but we can't help but feel that Capcom has overlooked a prime gameplay opportunity: long range tickling.

[Via Joystiq]

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