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Broom mounts and rain

Amanda Rivera

It's Hallow's End in Azeroth, and one of the many delightful if temporary additions to the game during the holiday is the flying brooms. But, as Kelriia Frettlar found out recently, those wishing to fly in Outland must do so with a caveat: only in fair weather.

It's a tiny detail, and one that no one would really notice, but it's an excellent one. If it is raining in Outland, as is often the case in Zangarmarsh, the Flying Broom will stop working, giving the error message "the weather isn't right for that." I am entirely enchanted with this entire concept. While I cannot test it myself (alas I only got a standard non-flying broom during my battles with the Headless Horseman) it's enough to know that Blizzard put this detail into the game. Once again I am tickled pink by the sense of humor displayed by the dev team.

I recently found a turkey model while I was wondering through the WoW Model viewer that when it is killed, turns into a cooked turkey on a plate. Although I am not sure exactly how long it's been in the MPQ files, it makes me look forward to what November might have in store for us.

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