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Connecticut hospital jumps on the Wii rehab bandwagon


The mass appeal of the Wii is something we, as well as you, fine reader (seriously, you look good, are you using a new shampoo?) know full well. Retirement communities, rehabilitation centers and now, even some gyms are utilizing it. Heck, we wouldn't be surprised if the console one day cured cancer on its own (probably using Wii Sports).

The latest center to take part in the phenomenon is none other than Bridgeport Hospital's Ahlbin Centers Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. There, stroke victim Barbara Everlith is enjoying the wonders of the console, taking part in Wii Sports: Tennis and finding a new and exciting treatment option. Why, in the six weeks since beginning the program, her therapist Courtney Benedetto has said that Barbara has already gained some movement in her left hand. And, it's all thanks to the Wii.

[Via Tech.Blorge]

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