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Due to lower-than-expected ratings and sales performance of their racing games Stuntman: Ignition and Juiced: Hot Import Nights, THQ has decided to delay some of their upcoming games into the next fiscal year, which starts on April 1st. This includes de Blob, the former Utrecht School of the Arts student project, which is being delayed in order to put more work in.

According to THQ CEO Brian Ferrell, the company is now treating de Blob as something of a flagship product, describing it as "less of a pick up title, and more of a franchise." Ferrell said that the extra time will be used to make the game "look more like a Nintendo-level Wii product." We are more than impressed with THQ's commitment to this unique title, and we wish more companies would take this kind of time with their ports. Strangely, it seems to be the games based on PC freeware that are getting the most care in their Wiimakes.

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