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Fanpoll: Rock Band Vs. Guitar Hero III


It's time for another Fanpoll kiddies. This week we take on one of gaming's most pressing questions: Rock Band or Guitar Hero III? Neither of these games are available just yet, but they're both right around the corner. We're sure many of our readers (pssst ... that's you!) already have at least some idea of which one they desire more. As such, we ask that you follow your heart and place your vote accordingly. Once you place your vote, feel free to explain your reasoning in the comments. Also, you'll find the results of last week's Fanpoll, skate Vs. Tony Hawk's Underground, after the break.

Which do you plan to buy, Rock Band or Guitar Hero III?
Rock Band
Guitar Hero III
I'm getting both
I'll wait for the reviews, thank you very much

Wow. So skate pretty much ruled last week's vote, taking home a full 88%. Judging by the comments, the key factor here is innovation. As one commenter mentions, it's ironic that innovation and EA are used in the same sentence in a positive light, but there you have it. It seems that Tony -- Jackass with skateboards according to OTAM -- is getting stale. That's not to say that Tony Hawk doesn't have its supporters, but skate is the clear winner here.

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