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Happy Sixth Birthday, iPod

Nik Fletcher

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun selling ridiculously well? It's hard to believe that six years ago to this very day, the iPod was officially brought into the world at a Steve Jobs Special Event. In six years, we've seen 1,000 songs in your pocket become ever more affordable, and as hard-disk technology has progressed, so too has the number of songs an iPod can hold.

We may have seen the demise of the FireWire connectivity in the iPod, the inclusion of less extras (such as a dock) with the players, but it seems to have done little to dampen demand for the ubiquitous music player. Who'd have thought that a little white music player, with a name inspired by a phrase from 2001: A Space Odyssey no less, would have powered the digital music revolution, and helped rejuvenate Apple beyond everyone's wildest dreams. It's been a fantastic 6 years for the iPod - but I daresay there's plenty more in the pipeline that will make the next six years just as memorable.

After the break, there's the video from the Special Event where it all began. Happy Birthday, iPod.

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