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Korn rocks out original track for Haze

Jason Dobson

Ubisoft's Haze is still a month away, for the PS3 at least, but that has not stopped the band Korn from being "inspired" by Free Radical's sci-fi FPS, prompting the nu metal rock group to record an original track for the game. The single, creatively titled "Haze," will debut over radio, television, and download sites in November alongside the game's release, meaning even your non-gaming friends could be banging their heads to Haze marketing material in the near future. Take pictures.

Korn's vocalist Jonathan Davis is said to be a major driver behind the collaboration, which makes sense given his apparent passion for games. He once worked on a PS2 fighting game called Pop Scars that aimed to pit celebrities like Mary J. Blige and Marilyn Manson against each other, but this project was eventually canned by Davis in 2004. This setback did not dampen the rocker's spirits, however. Said Davis, "Gaming for me is a religion and Haze is the shit!...I had to come up with a track that can hit up that kind of rush I get from the game and I think we really rocked it!!" We share your enthusiasm for games, but I think we speak for everyone when we say 'stop shouting!' Please.

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