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No frills to be found in Okami's Wii port


If you were hoping that the recently announced Wii version of Okami would lure you back into its beautiful world with new environments, bosses, weapons and so forth, you're about to have your somewhat optimistic viewpoint obscured by one Didier Malenfant. In an interview with IGN, the president of Ready At Dawn explains that Okam-Wii (see what we did there?) will be an "exact port of the PS2 version," save for the magical brush strokes which will now correspond to motions of the Wiimote. Malenfant argues that messing with the game in any form would simply draw ire from Clover devotees.

Strangely, the same crowd is currently wagging their fingers at Ready At Dawn for failing to pretty up the port in some way. While Malenfant's reasoning may appear to hide some reticence to retool, one has to consider that the game in question tanked on the platform with the largest install base. The Wii version isn't aimed at gamers who bought and enjoyed Okami -- it's aimed at the millions of idiots people who didn't. If anything, we think Clover's masterpiece would be better served by having some of that bloat excised.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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