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Oink oink, mama: Barnyard Blast trailer

Eric Caoili

Let's be real here, kids: No matter how much we sing its praises or try to draw you into our distorted interpretation of reality, Barnyard Blast isn't really going to be on anyone's 2008 Handheld Game of the Year list. Considering Advance Wars: Days of Ruin's release a week after Barnyard Blast's, it's doubtful we'll even see it grab the Handheld Game of the Month prize.

We can safely pledge, however, that, despite the rough bits in the above trailer, Barnyard Blast will be the best Castlevania parody game to ever star a cowboy pig and appear in stores on January 15th, 2008. Yes, it's a hard gamble, and we're really putting our reputation on the line here, but we're going to hold our breath and roll the dice anyway.

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[Via GoNintendo]

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