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Optimus Maximus minutiae: Key Remover shown

Darren Murph

Yeah, you aren't the only one wishing the latest tidbit from the Optimus Maximus camp was a press-stopping blurb claiming that these things were actually shipping en masse, but for those who don't mind constant teasing and the most trifling of details, feel free to eat your heart out. Pictured above is the "final" version of the Optimus Key Remover, which sports a glowing orange motif and even features the words "Optimus" and "Key Remover" engraved on each side. 'Course, one (read: us) may wonder why such an insignificant piece of the package (at least we hope this thing is included up front) is even showcased, but when you're paying over $1,500 for a keyboard, every little bit counts, no?

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