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Rhythm N' Notes schools you in music

Candace Savino

With the amount of training games available on the DS, it was only a matter of time before one involving music came along. Sure, there are plenty of rhythm-based games for the music lover in you to enjoy, but none of them actually teach you anything aside from which sunglasses go best with a red fro.

That's probably why the folks over at Agetec felt the need to bring us Rhythm N' Notes, which came out today for the budget price of $19.99. The game is designed to teach you about the technical aspects of music through interactive lessons with a piano and drums.

If you already think that time signatures and chords ain't no thang, Rhythm N' Notes isn't letting you off the hook just yet. Not only is this game designed for the musically inept, but it also has multiple difficulty levels for the more advanced musician. So now you're out of excuses to avoid this game ... unless you just don't give a damn.


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