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SanDisk prepping a 32GB Sansa View?

Nilay Patel

The Sansa View might have just hit, but it looks like SanDisk's already looking ahead -- the specs link on the View page lists 8, 16, and 32GB capacities with a top-end price of $330. Of course, there's no indication when this bad boy might come out, but those of you who had just gotten comfortable waiting for the right View probably don't mind waiting a little longer.

[Via DAPreview, thanks Vizion]

Update: Looks like it could be false alarm. Pretty much every player on SanDisk's site is showing sizes up to 32GB, even the device we know damn well don't havethat much storage, like the mysterious new 8, 16, and 32GB TakeTV, e200 series, etc. Thanks, Clay!

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