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Shifting Perspectives: Druid blogs you should be reading

Dan O'Halloran

Every Tuesday, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them, brought to you by David Bowers and Dan O'Halloran.

I love gamer blogs. Well, I love gamer blogs that are either entertaining or informative. And I really love gamer blogs that are both. Today for Shifting Perspectives, I'm going to highlight some of the better Druid gaming blogs out there and show you why you should be reading each and every one of them.

Resto4Life - Player Phaelia started this blog back in March to educate herself about playing a better healing Druid. Turns out, she's educating the rest of us as well. Her entries delve into the many facets of a Tree Druid's gameplay: Reevaluating Spirit, mp5 vs +Healing and Getting More Out of Innervate are just a few of the many treasures to be found on this blog. Updated frequently with a friendly and informative tone, Resto4Life is the Big Red Kitty for Restoration druids.

Big Bear Butt Blogger
- What Phaelia does for Tree Druids, BBB does for feral tanks: useful, informative and well written posts about how to best maximize your class. This blog is not only filled with great posts like the No Math Feral Spec, Consumables for Feral Druids and Feral Tank Starter Gear at 70, but also other topics that everyone can relate to such as the wonderfully articulate rants I Hate Damage Meters and There Is No Crying In Kara. I would recommend this blog to any WoW player, for there is a little something for everyone and it's all good.

Balance of Power - To complete my Big Red Kitty trifecta, this Balance Druid blog is indeed, shaping up to be the BRK for the Moonkin spec. Fiordhraoi only started his blog recently, but it is already a wealth of information for Balance specced Druids. From the Essentials of a Balance Druid to Moonkin Math to How To Go All Out In A Raid Without Drawing Aggro, it's like Moonkin 101. I've enjoyed his blog so much that the last time I was writing a Balance gear guide for this column, I just ended up linking to him instead.

Leafshine - What I love about Leafshine's blog is the movies. With the introduction of the in-game recording functionality for Macs, Leafshine has been showing movies of a Tree Druid in action against various targets. Though her latest movie is the new Hallow's End flying mount in action, you can check out the movie of the Curator Raid From A Tree Druid Perspective.

Tree of Life - Keredria is leveling through Outland as a Restoration druid and sharing her experiences on her site. But rather than repetitive "This is what happened in Kara last night" posts, she often talks about other WoW topics: being a female gamer, love of fishing and cooking in the game and What Dilbert Can Teach Us About WoW.

Ferocious Bite - This guy is serious about his feral tank and it shows with great how to articles including How To Tank the Boss Mob For the Druid Epic Flight Form Quest, Emergency Tactics for the Curator Fight and an assessment of the new Feral equipment ranking program, Rawr.

Of Teeth And Claws - This feral tank focuses on what takes to raid as a bear and he's not afraid to tackle alot of math to do it. Great posts include Rage Efficiency, Safely Breaking Crowd Control and When And When Not To Use Growl.

Laser Chicken - One of the few PvP Druid blogs out there, this Moonkin partners with a Hunter to rip up the Arenas and post about it. Don't miss How To Use Your Cooldowns, Taking Down Healer/Dps Teams and The Importance of Leather Gear.

I couldn't find any Druid blogs focusing exclusively on Feral Cat playstyle other than my own personal gaming blog, OneDruid. If anyone knows of any, post below.

There are many other excellent druid blogs out there that I don't have time to cover today. Be sure to check out the blogrolls on the sites I've mentioned above to discover more. And don't forget to leave a comment on their site, if you liked it. Comments are like purplez to bloggers.

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