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Shocker: HDTV price wars headed for Black Friday

Darren Murph

It's not like this type of activity doesn't happen every day-after-Thanksgiving here in the US of A, but 2007 is being seen as a banner year for "aggressive pricing" come Black Friday. As expected, competition will likely be most heated in the 40- to 42-inch range, where plasma and LCD manufacturers will both be vying for business from eager consumers. Furthermore, RPTVs and 720p sets in general are expected to sport rock-bottom pricetags as they attempt to compete with the fresher, more attractive 1080p flat-panels. As for pricing, analysts expect the lowest stickers to be found on Olevia, Westinghouse and Vizio sets, while other "top-tier brands" slash hundreds off in an attempt to still look appealing. Whatever the case, we'd suggest you gear up for madness if you're scouting a new HDTV on Black Friday, but apparently, the savings will make the mayhem worth dealing with.

[Image courtesy of MSNBC]

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