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Today in Joystiq: October 23, 2007

Ross Miller

Just so you know, future entrants into our pumpkin-carving contest, we're setting the bar very high (see: TiggerGirl's creation, above). Okay, maybe not really, but if we receive 300 different pictures of carved 1-Up mushrooms, we're going to be a tad irate. Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq interview: Castlevania's Koji Igarashi
Joystiq interview: Rygar's Keisuke Kikuchi
Joystiq pumpkin-carving contest (win Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles!)
Readers pick best webcomic: And now you know ...
Today's universe-imploding video: Will Wright in The Simpsons Game

Xbox 360 Arcade finally official, released today for $280
No more 'Grand Theft Scratchy' in Simpsons Game
Catching up with Warhawk updates
New Bionic Commando gets creative with his arm
Destroy All Humans 3, de Blob, Frontlines delayed until FY 2009
Korn rocks out original track for Haze
Mutant Storm Empire coming to XBLA next week
See Metal Gear Solid 4 demo in English
BlackSite loses online co-op, PS3 version lacks voice support
iTunes gets 'Guitar Hero Essentials'
Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan talks Smash Bros. Brawl delay
Ubisoft reports quarterly sales up 25%, delays four
PS3's 1.94 firmware adds support for DualShock 3
Starz examines as 'Hollywood Goes Gaming'
Turok to rock Turok animated film
Microsoft anticipates 7 million-sellers this holiday, 'at least'
No frills to be found in Okami's Wii port

Rumors & Speculation
Psychonauts 2 in development?
Dyack sees unified console as 'inevitable'
Analysts: Microsoft in the wake of Bungie, BioWare and Bizarre changes

Culture & Community
MySpace launching games channel in 2008
Microsoft touts family focus with cartoon downloads

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