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BAFTA: BioShock game of the year, Wii Sports wins most awards


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced the winners for their British Academy Video Game Awards and BioShock came out on top, with Wii Sports winning most categories. The full list can be found after break. Wii Sports won six of 13 awards, Crackdown won two awards, as did Okami.

Crackdown developer RealTime Worlds was the most successful European studio at the event, winning Best Action and Adventure and an audio award. Phil Wilson, producer of Crackdown, said, "BAFTA's are awards that are recognized and respected both outside the games industry and internationally, so we're incredibly proud that everyone's hard work has resulted in not just one but two of the prestigious gold masks." Great, now does that mean you'll finally start working on a sequel?

  • Best Action and Adventure: Crackdown
  • Best Strategy and Simulation: Wii Sports
  • Best Sports: Wii Sports
  • Best Multiplayer: Wii Sports
  • Best Casual and Social: Wii Sports
  • Best use of audio: Crackdown
  • Best original score: Okami
  • Best technical achievement: God of War II
  • Best artistic achievement: Okami
  • Best gameplay: Wii Sports
  • Best innovation: Wii Sports
  • Best story and character: God of War II
  • Best game: BioShock
  • The Gamers' Award: Football Manager 2007
  • BAFTA's "Ones to Watch": Ragnarawk

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