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Brand new RvB mini-series headed to XBLM

Dustin Burg

Well, well, it looks like our Rooster Teeth friends haven't completely thrown in the Halo 2 machinama towel yet as they just announced plans to release a new mini-series onto the Xbox Live Marketplace.

In their latest blogging update, Burnie mentions that in the weeks to come, a new RvB mini-series entitled "Red vs Blue: Recovery One" will be releasing to the internets and onto the XBLM. "Recovery One" will mirror that of their "Out of Mind" project, but with new characters and it is going to officially be their final Halo 2 project (fighting ... back ... sadness and tears.) Burnie promises more information on "Recovery One" in a few days, but until then you should make the jump and check out their latest video that they made for the 2007 European Machinima Festival. We can only describe it as ... worldly.

[Thanks, Skandil]

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