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NEC works up LCD with switchable viewing angles

Darren Murph

If Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me pretty much sums up your life, NEC apparently understands your pain paranoia. In an effort to help out, the firm has developed an LCD "that can switch between wide and narrow viewing angles without impairing image quality." This ability enables viewers to narrow the 140-degree viewing angle down to 30-degrees so that any plans to sneak a peek at what you're glancing at are immediately subverted. Furthermore, NEC's technology is said to differ from other alternatives by "not causing image quality to deteriorate," as it relies on a function of the rear plate (as opposed to the panel's front plate) to handle the switcheroo. If everything stays on track, expect these units to hit the market sometime next year in everything from ATMs to laptops. [Warning: read link requires subscription]

[Image courtesy of NEC]

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